This is IKEA

A half blue half gray IKEA bag being held by someone with soft bunny toys and cat pillows inside.

“To create a better everyday life for the many people”, this is the IKEA vision. Our business idea is “to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them”.

Three IKEA co-workers standing and smiling against a white background.

We take a stand for human rights

At IKEA Group, we stand for fair treatment and equal opportunities, and support the human rights of all people whatever their age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, marital or family status, or any other dimension of their identity. For us, supporting our co-workers’ right to be themselves is the only way forward as a humanistic, values driven company.

A collage of various IKEA co-worker portraits against colorful backgrounds.

Working at the IKEA Group

We’re a diverse group of down-to-earth, straightforward people with a passion for home furnishing. We come from all over the world, but share an inspiring vision: “to create a better everyday life for the many people”. How we realize this vision is based on our shared humanistic values, which guide our work and build our inclusive, open and honest culture.  We’re always looking for people who share our positive attitude and values.

Image of an IKEA duvet with colorful flower patterns on the pillowcase.

Cotton grown with care

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on price, quality, design, function or sustainability when choosing products for your home. That’s why all our cotton products, like this new quilt cover inspired by the Swedish 1960s called SOMMARASTER, are made from 100% cotton grown with care.