MÖCKELBY Table, oak, 92 1/2x39 3/8 "


The plank look, created with a top layer of oak, enhances the crafted, farmhouse expression. Every table is unique with varying grain patterns and natural color shifts. A robust table ready to entertain. Read More

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Designer thoughts

Designer Marcus Arvonen

"My idea for MÖCKELBY was to make a real companion, a table to keep for years to come. A table that ages beautifully where marks, scratches, and stains become reminders of all the great times you’ve had. The grain and natural shifts in color of the broad oak veneer make each table unique, with that solid, genuine wood feel. It’s the perfect place to get together at home."

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Energy and resources

A smarter environmental choice

Thin layer tables are made of particleboard covered with a top layer of solid wood. This allows us to use less wood for production, which in turn reduces the impact on the environment – while the table has the same look and feel as solid wood. That way you can get a great-looking table in wood and make a smart choice for the environment at the same time.

MÖCKELBY Table, oak, 92 1/2x39 3/8 "