BJURSTA Extendable table, brown-black, 45 1/4/65 3/8 "


This table is extendable so you always have room for guests, and the hidden lock prevents annoying gaps between the leaves. The wipe-clean surface helps you to cope with mealtime spills. Read More

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Everyday tables for everday needs

Dining tables should really be called everyday tables, since that's where we usually gather to eat, do our homework, bake and play games. In the BJURSTA series you can choose between five dining tables in different shapes and sizes - with room for one person to 10. All the dining tables are extendable, so they take less space on ordinary days but can quickly be made bigger when your friends and relatives come to visit. The lacquered surface is easy to wipe clean. An everyday table has to be both practical and flexible, of course.

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What is veneer?

Veneer is thin layers of wood glued on to a board, normally particleboard. All veneer used by IKEA is lacquered. The lacquer gives a durable finish which protects the veneer against moisture and scratching, and is easy to wipe clean. Veneer can change color over time, due to the fact that it is made from natural wood material. IKEA does not use wood from intact natural forests.

BJURSTA Extendable table, brown-black, 45 1/4/65 3/8 "