Nightstands are used to store the things you’ll want at arm length’s reach when lying in bed. Do you normally just need a glass of water and your phone charger, but not much more? In that case a small nightstand with a single surface to put things on might be enough for you. For others that like the feeling of having a book, some clothes and other odds and ends within reach from their bed, another type of nightstand might be a better choice. Maybe you’d like to check out our nightstands that are also small cabinets or chests of drawers to organize your stuff?

Bedside cabinets

A bedside cabinet resembles a bedside table, but also has drawers or a small cupboard door. Bedside cabinets offer more storage than the traditional bedside table. Their storage is also more hidden, which makes it easier for you to hide the things you want within reach but not in plain sight – perhaps a guilty pleasure bestseller or maybe your medication.

It’s good to remember that things you hide away in drawers or cupboards don’t gather dust in the same way as things laying out in the open. If you don’t enjoy cleaning dust, a bedside cabinet might be a good choice for you.

Style and taste – traditional or modern bedside table?

Besides the practical part, another important choice when considering which bedside table to put next to your bed is the style and look of it. We have a wide selection of both traditional and modern bedside tables.

Many of our bedside tables also belong to different series of furniture. This makes it easy for you to match them to the rest of your bedroom furniture. If you’re not sure which style you like you can always have a look at our inspiration page for bedrooms.