Summer is the time to go. Back. Home.

It’s time to take some time. Out and outside. To take a breath and take a walk, to look up and see the sky. To go until it’s time to come. Back home. It’s summer. At last.

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Summer's here. And it’s got news for you.
It’s time to take it slow and let the morning flow. To get out more, and let nature come in. Naturally.

Make summer feel at home.

Warm weather, fresh ideas. Until 15/05/19, enjoy a 20% direct discount in every curtain, blind and decorative pillow you get from IKEA to freshen up your bedroom. And while you’re at it, to freshen up the rest of your home, as well.

Backstage pass

Take a look behind the scenes and a walk down memory lane. It’s time to go, back to the best summer of your life.

The many people

Many people have a story. To tell and to be told. Like Filipe, 23 years old, Cascais, whose story — and memory — inspired us to create this ad.

Moving out made Filipe realize that he wanted to go and see the world. But his memories needed a home, and Filipe a place to come back to. Once his grandmother Cândida home, the house he is now rebuilding is the same where he learned everything: to feel and show his feelings, to say hello and goodbye with a kiss, to be and let be, to go and let go. And it’s where, today, he finds peace and solace in the absence of the one that hold him so many times as a baby. “I heard the news of her passing away by telephone. I just didn’t know what to do. This project is also a way to help me cope with how much I miss her”.