OMBYTE Limited Collection

Two people playing around with an OMBYTE black and white packaging box.

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OMBYTE Limited Collection

Designed for your next move

Launching August 2019, OMBYTE is a collection of moving essentials that can be used also when the transition to a new place is over.

“Today people are much more mobile than before. For many of us frequent moves are a part of life.”

Mats Nilsson, IKEA Creative Leader

“We know that the process of moving is not easy. Whether you’re moving across the home, across the street or across the town, with OMBYTE, we wanted to make moving practical, but also fun by adding colours, patterns and expression to moving essentials.”

James Futcher, IKEA Creative Leader
A girl holding one of the larger OMBYTE packaging boxes with blue and orange patterns.
A man attempting a dance move while carrying an OMBYTE black and transparent bag on his shoulders.

“OMBYTE is a collection of functional products that come at hand while moving, but that you don’t have to move to have them as part of your home.”

James Futcher, IKEA Creative Leader

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