Visiting the Schild family

Living room with sofa from the IKEA DELAKTIG collection with Tom Dixon.

«I really like to «hack» IKEA products and give them their own individual look.»

Andrea Schild (36) has lived in a house in Volketswil with her two children Lukas (8) and Felix (6) for four years.

Andrea loves to be creative in her spare time – whether it be baking or furnishing the interior of her new-build house. In doing so, she has also added her own imaginative touches to some IKEA furniture. Today, Andrea is going to show us round her stylish home.

Mum and son baking together.

You live in a beautiful, modern house in Volketswil. What do you like best about it?

I like the garden the best. A lot of hard work has gone into it, and in summer it is like an extension to our living room.

What’s your favourite room in the house? Where do you like spending time the most?

My favourite rooms are the large living and dining room area and the open-plan kitchen with a view of the garden. During the day, my favourite place to sit is at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, and I love spending the evenings on the sofa.

How would you describe your style?

My furnishing style is modern Nordic. Almost all of the furniture in the house is white and the walls brightly coloured.

From where do you mainly draw inspiration with regard to home furnishings?

I like to draw inspiration from social media (Pinterest and Instagram), magazines, my friends and when travelling… and from IKEA of course!

It’s clear that you like to combine IKEA furniture with other designer furniture. What do you particularly like about both types of furniture?

Both have their merits, which I like to utilise. Designer furniture is an investment. You often keep these pieces of furniture for years and they never go out of fashion. IKEA furniture is designed very well and is also affordable, immediately available and flexible. When combined together, these two types of furniture create a fresh and personal style. People are often amazed when I say that a lot of my furniture comes from IKEA.


At first glance, you can’t tell that some of your furniture items are IKEA products. Why is that?

I really like to «hack» IKEA products and give them their own individual look. Sometimes I paint them in different colours (like the FROSTA stools), or I use them as a frame (like the KURA bed in Felix’s room), or I assemble them differently (like the VITTSJÖ coffee table).


Do you have a favourite IKEA product? If so, which one?

I like a lot of IKEA’s products. As a tidy and organised person, I am a big fan of the SAMLA boxes.


One of your passions is baking. What do you enjoy most about it?

I really like the handicraft aspect of baking. If you plan well, follow the instructions down to the letter and have a little bit of skill, you will always get the desired result at the end.

Do you have any baking tips for IKEA Family members?

If you want to bake without any stress, it’s important to prepare well. Take the butter and the eggs out of the fridge two hours in advance, get all of the ingredients ready and measure them out carefully, use as many bowls and plates as is necessary and sieve the flour. And finally, if a recipe says «beat the eggs and sugar», then that’s what you should do – even if it takes up to 20 minutes.

Your two boys have their own rooms. What was particularly important for you when furnishing them?

The two rooms are rather small, so it was important to make the most of the space and height. As the needs of children constantly change, I was also keen to use flexible furniture. What the kids wanted and their interests were also important, of course. I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to paint the walls orange myself!

Summer is just around the corner. Do you have any specific family rituals at home?

In summer, the garden is like an extra room in the house. The large sliding door is always open. We eat outside whenever we get the chance and sometimes we even sleep under the stars on the loungers.

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