Winter Collection

IKEA VINTER holiday dinnerware arranged on a red background with napkins, flowers, peppermills and a bunny light fixture.

Winter Collection

This year’s Winter collection has never been more prepared to prepare you for that intense, relaxing, social, solitary, cold, warm period we call winter. Adorn your entire home in festive decor and invite everyone over—or simply light a tea candle and escape alone. More than anything, being ready for winter is a state of mind.

Gift giving ready

A wide range of Winter holiday decorations also means a wide range of gifts. Everything can be easily turned into an appreciated gift, simply by wrapping them in some colourful holiday paper or a stylish gift box (there’s plenty of both in the Winter collection).

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Ready for a feast

We feel welcomed most warmly when we’re invited into someone’s home and sat down at a carefully laid table, adorned with a tablecloth and place cards, napkins and neatly arranged plates and glasses. Winter and holiday table settings show your guests they’re in for one homely and heavenly dinner.

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Fairytale lighting ready

Warm, twinkling light makes the season brighter. Use it in windows, on walls, on tables. Find it in the shape of circles, hearts, angels, mushrooms, rabbits, squirrels, birds, stars and in various colours and patterns. With the STRÅLA light products in the Winter collection, you can be surrounded by whimsical light all holiday season long.

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Well-earned relaxation ready

Conjure up a super soft chill-out zone with deep colours, tactile bedlinen, cozy rugs and some fairy dust... The season may be fleeting, but with Winter textiles, the warmth remains.

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Green ready

Kick off the illusion with forest green garlands, wreaths, plants and miniature Christmas trees so realistic, you can almost smell the fragrance of pine and nature. This year, pick-n-mix your artificial plant decorations from Winter collection - they are as green as Swedish woodlands.

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Last minute “fika” ready

Store-bought ginger breads, homemade or somewhere in-between? What really matter is being together while enjoying something good to eat. Combine VINTERSAGA range of Christmas treats with Swedish food specialties to bring the magic to this most playful of feasts.

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