March Break - A guide to all things play

A child's bedroom featuring a green PLUFSIG folding gym mat

March Break - A guide to all things play

IKEA believes that children are the most important people in the world and we have a stance on the importance of play for both children and adults too. We know that play is learning for life. It fuels our development. It makes us more creative, stronger and more active. It teaches us how to work together and care about each other. It sparks curiosity. Play makes the world bigger - for children and grown-ups.

Free-Style Play 

Engaging in free-style play is about spontaneity and lack of structure, where we become immersed in the world that children naturally create as play. Celebrate this March by creating a puppet show party or igniting in an after-dinner disco.

Build-It Play

Building when playing is about creating togetherness and problem solving. Engage your little ones by playing with building blocks, model making or creating a fortress in your very own living room.

Mirror-me Play

Mirror-me play is a fun way to inspire and engage your children by turning light-hearted chores into a creative game. We know that children love doing what their parents do so

Muddy-Boots Play

Physical activities are the best for letting go. It boosts energy which releases endorphins which ultimately delivers happiness. Excite your children this break with classic park games like tag, hide & seek or splash around in muddy puddles.

Out-of-the-Box Play

Creativity and self-expression. The world is filled with wonders so express this idea with your little ones by creating a collage of color papers or making seasonal decorations to personalize your living space.

Formal Play

A little less spontaneity and a little more structure where both all children and adults can engage in challenges while bonding. The LUSTIGT collection has a variety of fun toys to engage your little ones and even teach them some fun new skills to recharge during the break.